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OSS/ BSS, The Future for Digital Transformation of Telecoms

Our Integrated Service Platform for Telecom and Internet Service Providers that transforms the way Internet Providers deliver their services. It provides an end-to-end solutions to run an ISP/Telecom Operations which can cater to millions of customers. IconWave's USP (User Selling Price) lies in understanding of the domain & technology which is proven by its satisfied clientele it serves and managing more than 2.4+ million subscribers across 6 countries.

  • AAA Radius

    Authentication can be provided with multiple methods having a great scope for flexibility. Iconradius ISP billing Management integrates NAS and BRAS technology tools from Mikrotik, and Cisco. Authentication can be provided with multiple methods which includes PPPoE, MAC Auth, IPoE, Portal-based and Leased Lines.

  • Customer Management

    Iconwave Application is available in App Store for Android and IOS for Iphone users. The facilities also include all the features like isp billing services and products, subscriber management, network management, open service management.

  • Franchisee Management

    Our Franchisee management includes the collaboration and management of multiple franchisee channels which include network location or even an area which is termed as a zone. A franchise can be managed by a zone- specific administrator or an operation.

  • Inventory Management

    Maintenance of stock like network accessories and equipment is carried out for inventory management system. From the acquisition of goods to technican approval and deployment is provided by the tracking system.

  • Customized Mobile App

    Iconwave provide customized mobile APP for Admin,employee and end user which is compatibile with devices and software platforms including Android and IoS. Complaint management system can be easily performed as the application system is built with a flexible interface to register.

  • Marketing Module

    In todays competitive world of Service Providers, it is imperative that Providers keep on toying with new and innovative products and has the ability to connect and display them to the target audience at the right time .

  • Communication Management

    IconWave provides an easy and efficient mechanism which results an customer dashboard wherein the user can access the information regarding Isp billing, bandwidth management and other attributes included in isp products.

  • Bandwidth Management

    IconRadius provides bandwidth shaping by analyzing the subscriber base and the amount of data usage per user quota. Committed Bandwidth allocation CIR and burstable bandwidth allocation CBR is provided by Iconradius billing management system which provides high quality services.

  • Billing Management

    Dashboards provided by Iconradius can be easily enabled, automated and customized for ISP billing. We provide mobile application accessibility which can integrate with a payment gateway.

  • Business Analytics

    Service Providers generate huge amount of data and success lies in bringing intelligence from the available data sets to gain business insights.

  • Service Delivery App

    Our Platform provides Mobility to the workforce of the Service Provider. Capturing and ability to view the right information , at the right time and at the right place allows employees to take fast and accurate decisions on field and while away from office.

  • Network Monitoring

    The Network Monitoring Tool enables the NOC ( Network Operating Center) of the Service Provider to easily monitor the performance , up and downtime of various equipment's in the network.

  • Customized User Self-care Portal

    Iconwave provides an easy and efficient mechanism which results an customer dashboard wherein the user can access the information regarding Isp billing, bandwidth management and other attributes included in isp products.

  • Complaints Management

    Our complaint management system integrated with advanced features like total complaints by the users and resolved by the employee and complete data sheet can view as monthly, weekly and today's where the user can rise complaint through the mobile APP and user portal .

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership on Deployments

Deployment Models

On Cloud

On Cloud deployment is highly recommended for Service Providers as it eases them from additional task of managing the servers , its security and the software

In Premise

In-Premise model is suitable for Service Providers who have a large infrastructure with Skilled IT Team and ability to manage software at their end.

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