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Iconradius provides mobility to different teams and customers through Mobile Apps which is provided on Android & iOS platforms.

Service Delivery App

Iconradius provides mobile apps to different teams of the Service Provider so that they can access data in secured manner whenever required and perform their duties faster with accuracy and efficiency.

  • Enables Sales Team to onboard new customers instantly
  • Helps Service Delivery Team to view allocated tickets & customer information
  • Allows Collection Team to collect payments , instantly update in central system and provide acknowledgement to the customer
  • Real Time Geo Location Tracking of On Field Engineers is supported
  • Immediate Service Activation / Deactivation requests can be raised
  • Instant Alert to Service Engineers in case of Service Outages

Customer Mobile App

In today's competitive environment , service providers have to be on their toes to provide world class service and that too at great speed and accuracy . Inorder to do so , IconRadius has enabled operators with Customer Mobile App which has brought them near to their subscribers.

  • Upload KYC documents
  • View usage statistics via graph and session history details
  • Ability to change password and edit basic contact information
  • Redemption of vouchers to recharge subscription
  • Subscribers can open trouble tickets and track the status in real time
  • Ability to send requests for upgrade/ downgrades in plans or packages from mobile app
  • View Bills and ability to make online payments
  • Ability to receive promotional offers from service providers
  • Alerts / notifications from Service Provider on outages and downtime

Know More About Us !!

Know More About Us !!