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Business Analytics & Reports

This module of IconRadius enables Service Providers with actionable reports and dashboards using which decision makers within the organisation can track key business metrics , see longtime trends and view business health across departments

User Analytics

This feature gives a graphical view of number of subscribers with the Service Provider and analysis of their usage patterns. It becomes a very useful tool for the marketing team and management to understand customer behaviour.

  • Analytics on Last & Next week Expiry Users
  • Analytics on Subscribers based on Branch , Area , NAS , POP & Node Wise
  • Analytics on Package Wise Subscribers
  • Analytics on New Connections Vs Disconnections
  • Analytics on Franchise wise Subscriber movement and usage

Complaint Analytics

The feature enables the service assurance teams to get a 360 Degree view of all the Tickets opened across organisation and tae corrective action wherever necessary to reduce the overall TAT for complaint resolution.

  • Analytics based on Open , In Progress and Closed Tickets
  • Analytics based on last 15 days Ticket with Status
  • Analytics based on Tickets based on Branch , Franchise , Area , POP & Node
  • Category and Sub category Wise Analytics
  • SLA Breached Complaint Analytics

Revenue Analytics

This feature gives analytical insights to revenue flow for Service Operators . It gives trends which is very useful for the finance team to manage their cash flow .

  • Revenue Analytics based on Branch
  • Revenue Analytics based on Plans & Packages
  • Analytics based on User Wise Renewals
  • Analytics based on Unpaid Invoices
  • Analytics based on Franchise Renewals & Balances

Dynamic Report Builder

This feature enables various teams of Service Operators to generate reports dynamically . It gives them flexibility to fetch data and arrange the output to meet their business requirements.

  • Ability to select database fields
  • Apply filters and expressions
  • Create Cached Reports
  • Report Scheduler for Email Dispatches

Know More About Us !!

Know More About Us !!