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ICONRADIUS provides advanced features which can integrate with multiple NAS like Cisco ASR 1000 and 9000 series, Juniper MX series, Huawei NetEngine and Mikrotik routers. Iconwave offers expert solutions for ISP's with advanced and sophisticated strategies for best results with a expertise team with more than 11 years of experience and master at networking management provides the best productivity results.

We have around 15,000,00 subscribers across South africa, Bangladesh, Dubai, Singapore and also expanding its fraternity across the globe with a secured and safe connectivity. ICONRADIUS management and monitoring administrative access level allows ISP's to efficient wastage of franchisees. Franchisee management facilities ISP's billing for generation of revenue with branding opportunities with comprehensive solutions.


Icon cross zone functionality allows ISP's to increase partner base of revenue sharing. IconWave is an industry leading solution supporting Wired and wireless connections. Our software enhances its business opportunity through franchise management by providing dashboard which can monitor subscriber base.

isp management software

Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA):

Authentication can be provided with multiple methods having a great scope for flexibility. Iconradius ISP billing Management integrates NAS and BRAS technology tools from Mikrotik, and Cisco. Authentication can be provided with multiple methods which includes PPPoE, MAC Auth, IPoE, Portal-based and Leased Lines. Bandwidth management is provided by separate peering. The authorization through Iconradius software is carried out by authenticating MAC address. Iconradius in collaboration with third-party systems to enable providers to offer different and updated services to the subscribers. The requirements of service providers and wireless operators

Billing Management

Dashboards provided by Iconradius can be easily enabled automated and customized for ISP billing. WE provides mobile application accessibility which can integrate with a payment gateway.Our billing management system provides billing functionality in an customized with a single invoice for prepaid and postpaid billing software. Flexible plans are implemented with Peak to peak off Systems. We Provide promotion and discounts and in addition you can set up launch date time and the package.

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Subscriber Management

Iconradius subscriber management provides a new strategy which includes an end to end maintenance of the user database which provides complete information of the users from new connection document verification to until customer deactivation. Our User management system carries out all the details regarding the user data usage, reward points, discount coupons, promotion Complaint management system is automatically updated in the dashboard.

Bandwidth Management

IconRadius provides bandwidth shaping by analyzing the subscriber base and the amount of data usage per user quota. Committed Bandwidth allocation CIR and burstable bandwidth allocation CBR is provided by Iconradius billing management system which provides high quality services. our softwre enables you to allocate the bandwith as per the user plan which is divided by the usage.we do have various plans on hours to hours basis for both day/night plans also plans can be created as demanded by the user. user can also hold user data as required and can retrive same data plan again any time.

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Franchisee Management

Our Franchisee management includes the collaboration and management of multiple franchisee channels which include network location or even an area which is termed as a zone. A franchise can be managed by a zone- specific administrator or an operation. Iconradius business tracking model includes flexible and transparent process in managing and operations of each individual user and also total franchise partners with automated invoice generation.

Lead Management

Feasibility analysis in lead management is carried by analyzing the marketing campaigns and telephonic conversations and also assigning them to franchises/ technical team for analysis. By analyzing the accounts leads can be converted to accounts with CAF collection and with verified accounts that change to active subscribers.

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User logs management

Iconradius management services provides complete reports and logs required for DoT and TRAI Complaints. Compass Laxation and log records along with its respective Internet protocol address and subscriber management information is recorded frequently. .

Integration with devices on Netflow is provided for storage and log parsing. Capturing LL logs and CALEA compliance logs is enabled by the iconradius compliance management system.Integration capability on SNMP for MRTG graphing per user is powered by complaint management system. The mobile application is provided to the subscriber, which forwards the complaint information to dashboard then subsequently assigning to employees.

Complaint management

Our complaint management system integrated with advanced features like total complaint by the users and resolved by the employee and complete data sheet can view as monthly, weekly and today's where the user can rise complaint through the mobile APP and user portal . It is assigned to the area employee by automatic notification. Once the complaint is resolved the employee can update the status of the complaint by mobile APP and user will notify of the complaint is resolved


Customer user friendly APPLICATION

Iconwave Application is available in App Store for Android and IOS for Iphone users. The facilities also include all the features like isp billing services and products, subscriber management, network management, open service management.

Icon Wave provides an easy and efficient mechanism which results an customer dashboard wherein the user can access the information regarding Isp billing, bandwidth management and other attributes included in isp products.

Maintenance of stock like network accessories and equipment is carried out for inventory management system. From the acquisition of goods to technican approval and deployment is provided by the tracking system. Tracking also involves information including the deployment date, serial number, warranty, and location.

Iconwave provide customized mobile APP for Admin,employee and end user which is compatibile with devices and software platforms including Android and IoS. Complaint management system can be easily performed as the application system which is built with a flexible interface to register, track the tickets. Complexity issues like Billing and assigning work to particular employe is done easily.