ICONRADIUS Software with end-to-end ISP solution of Billing, AAA and Customer Ticketing, which include the Subscriber, Customer, Franchise and reseller management.

            ICONRADIUS has been developed to address the core business needs of ISP’s. It’s branded and very user friendly software. Our application performance gives high enrich experience to the users.

Some of the following features below:


Complete overview of the Users, Reports and statics, etc.…

Franchisee Management & Branch Management:

Iconradius allows Providers to create multiple resellers in single panel where reseller can manage their own Subscribers, Complaints, Enquiries, Packages, Reports, payments, SMS and Email.


  • RADIUS and account support
  • Traffic accounting (RADIUS)
  • package Definition
  • Static IP and DHCP (Support IPV4 & IPV6)
  • package Creation
  • User Mac Management
  • Billing & CRM

                 Iconradius providing easy and customized billing system, easy invoice generation, customized taxes, Customer ticketing system and Integrated with all payment gateway integration to pay bills by Online. Day, Week, Month and yearly finance dashboard with auto reporting.

    Subscriber Management

  • User logs Management
  • User Wallet
  • Employee (Collection,Complaints,Leads)
  • Accounting Management

  • Due Reports
  • Renewal Reports
  • Invoice Customization
  • Documents Upload
  • Finance Management

  • Customization of Tax
  • Sales Management

    Customer Self-care Portal:

                 Iconradius allows subscriber to login their panel for Personal information and online payments, Historical User stat details, Package information and live traffic graph.

    Employee Portal:

                 Iconradius allows Service employees i.e.. (Technicians, Collection Executives, etc..) to login their Portal and can access list of daily tasks i.e.. Complaints assigned to technicians. Ticketing Information about the Customers.

    Customized Wi-Hotspot:

                 Iconradius will provide the Wi-hotspot module to suitable for all industries i.e.. Hotels, Public places which includes the self-registration via all the Public domain API’s, free limited, prepaid card generation, redeem cards with central monitoring interface to the admin.