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Our proprietary Radius is one of the most important components of ICONRadius Platform. It provides Service Providers a flexible underlying access control infrastructure that gives enterprise level performance and scalability. It can easily integrate with any NAS and BRAS technology tools from different vendors.

AAA Radius

The feature provides Authentication , Authorization and Accounting with multiple methods having a great scope for flexibility. It Can be easily integrated with NAS and BRAS technology from Mikrotik , Cisco , Juniper or any vendor which makes it Multi-Vendor ready Platform

  • Authentication : Supports PPPoE, MAC Auth, IPoE, Portal Based and Leased Lines.
  • Authorization : Supports defining which actions are allowed for user or device and it's privilege level.
  • Accounting : statistics of usage of Internet or information about what was done on equipment.

Bandwidth Management

The Bandwidth Management abilities helps a Service Provider to manage allocation of Bandwidth in an organised way.

  • Defining of Packages and Plans.
  • Burst Mode Management
  • Dynamic Package Rating
  • Manage and Control User Upload and Download Speed
  • Bandwidth Management on the basis of Days & Time

Mrtg Graph

This helps the Service Providers to view the bandwidth utilization , performance of network devices in graphical view .

  • End User Bandwidth Consumption
  • Traffic Load
  • CPU Utilization

User Syslogs

The module helps the service provider to view and capture logs of users .

  • Authentication Log
  • Auditing Log

Mikrotik Live Logs

IconRadius has integrated Live Logs from Mikrotik devices . Most of the functionality can be managed from solution interface rather than managing from the devices separately .

  • Authorization Logs
  • Authentication Logs
  • Accounting Logs

Know More About Us !!

Know More About Us !!