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Features of Iconradius

Technology solutions to help Businesses And Enterprises flourish

Customer Management

IconRadius, Customer Management module provides a guided new way to acquire and manage existing customers. It carries out all the details regarding the user data usage, renewals , session history & mrtg, reward points, discount coupons and users complaint ticket which automatically gets updated in the dashboard :

  • Reduce new customer on boarding time.
  • Manage Compliances - KYC Documents.
  • Viewing usage details for multiple services.
  • Ensure faster response to customer through multiple channels.
  • Improve overall customer experience.
  • This module is very helpful Support Center's and executives going to provide support onsite.

Business Analytics

Service Providers generate huge amount of data and success lies in bringing intelligence from the available data sets to gain business insights. Our Business Analytics tools helps :

  • Track and analyse the customer acquisition region wise , franchisee wise , branch wise , online channel wise etc. which helps in formulising business strategies
  • Track customers who have excessive data usage and suggest them with plan upgrades thereby increasing the revenue of the company from existing customer base.
  • Helps marketing team with data insights to design the most lucrative promotional offers and roll out new plans.
  • Analyse downtime in the network resulting in revenue losses helps take corrective action to focus on such areas of improvement.
  • Analyse Customer Complaints and Time taken to resolve and adherence to SLA committed to quantify satisfied customer percentage.
  • The Business Analytics tool has various in-built data models which helps management and various teams with the organisation team to take informed decisions .

Franchisee Management

Our Multi Level Franchisee Management enables operators to give a separate interface to their franchisees to run their business operation with ease , at the same time provides operator full control to monitor franchisees with a single click.

  • Integrated Dashboard View of all franchisee
  • Eliminates manual processes and automates commission calculation , credits , refund , recharges and billing.
  • Ensure faster response to customer through multiple channels
  • Provides an integrated system to manage and monitor franchisees devices and network
  • Provides structured way to manage franchisees with different business agreements and commissions structures. This can be a real-time (in case of prepaid) or period based (e.g.: Monthly) revenue sharing.
  • This module helps both the franchisees and operator to run their business with full co-ordination and minimal human intervention in the billing processes.

AAA Radius

  • Syslog Management
  • Our proprietary AAA Radius is one of the most important component of ICON Radius Platform. It provides Service Providers a flexible underlying access control infrastructure that gives enterprise level performance and scalability.
  • Has ability to integrate NAS and BRAS Technology from Microtik , Cisco or any other Vendor which makes it Multi Vendor ready Platform .
  • Support Multiple methods of Authentication - PPPoE, MAC Auth, IPoE, Portal Based and Leased Lines.
  • Web Based Monitoring of NAS , Node , POP , Switch and Live Logs
  • Real-time charging enables an effective and reliable ACCOUNTING of a subscriber's usage and thereby reduces the revenue leakage.

Bandwidth Management

The Bandwidth Management abilities helps a Service Provider to manage allocation of Bandwidth in an organised way.

  • Allows defining of Packages and Plans.
  • Burst Mode Management
  • Allows Package Dynamic Rates which automatically gets applied as per the set rules
  • Manage and Control User Upload and Download Speed
  • Bandwidth Management on the basis of Days & Time

Complaint Management

As a Service Provider , the focus is to provider the best customer experience and consistently improve quality of Service. In order to achieve it capturing , tracking and resolving of customer complaints on/before time is singularly the most important task.

  • Ability to generate Trouble Ticket from all the possible channels like Web , Mobile , POS ( Point of Sale ) , IVRS , emails etc.
  • Notification to the customers on the complaint status via Email , SMS & Mobile App
  • Automated allocation of Complaints as per Category and Service Teams reduce time to resolve complaints
  • Configuration of escalation rules after which complaints are escalated to the next level automatically, helps keep a tap on breach of Service Level Agreements.
  • Graphical Dashboard which can be drilled down to the lowest data level to view Complaints registered , Un-resolved Tickets, top and bottom performing on-field engineers , region wise tickets opened etc.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management module is focal point of our application which helps Service Providers facilitate re-ordering , manage stocks effectively according to demand and prevents wastage .

  • Ability to capture details for every product issued or released from the store
  • Allows creation of Category , Sub Category and Products as per the requirement
  • Allows to add Vendor Details and the related details for easy ordering process
  • Ability to manage and view the stock status at branch level and at franchisee level
  • Set of comprehensive reports which helps the Purchase Manager understand the Inventory and Stock Status at any given point of time.
  • Ability to track and manage each and every product which has gone in and out of the system which allows revenue leakages in check.

Billing Management

It's an End-to-End charging and billing system , which covers both prepaid and post-paid billing for retail and enterprise customers .

  • Supports Real Time pricing based on the plan available for the subscription
  • Ability to interface with voucher management module and manage the entire life cycle of vouchers
  • Ability to define services based on geography , customer type, usage etc.
  • Ability to define different types of services and products and respective price tags
  • Automates generation of bills and invoices, leading to collection of payments from customers from the respective channel partners.
  • Ability to interface with AAA for getting the usage details as well as to pass authentication messages to perform required provisioning activities.
  • The Billing Module helps the Service Provider to automate the complete billing and ensures timely collection of payment through its integrated online payment channel as well as cash collection.

Customer Mobile Apps

Customer Experience is the key to a Service Provider in today's age . Keeping in mind , our IconRadius Platform enables customers to connect with Service Providers through a Mobile App which supports Android & IPhone .

  • Upload KYC documents
  • Usage Statistics via graph and Session history details
  • Ability to change password and edit basic contact information
  • Redemption of Vouchers to recharge account for Prepaid Subscribers
  • Subscribers to raise a complaint on the go and track the status of it in real time .
  • Ability to send request for upgrades , downgrades in plans or packages from mobile .
  • View Bills and ability to pay online via Net-banking , Credit or Debit Card , Payment Wallets etc.
  • Real-time charging enables an effective and reliable ACCOUNTING of a subscriber’s usage and thereby reduces the revenue leakage.
  • Customers can receive promotional offers from the service providers Intimation of Service Outages and ETR ( Estimated Time Of Resolution ) alerts

Service Mobile Apps

Our Platform provides Mobility to the workforce of the Service Provider. Capturing and ability to view the right information , at the right time and at the right place allows employees to take fast and accurate decisions on field and while away from office.

  • Easy geo-location tracking of on field staffs through the Service Mobile App.
  • The Field Engineers to view the complaint tickets , customers geo - location and the previous complaints which helps them in resolving issues faster.
  • Allows retrieval of relevant information about the client packages, plans , usage and payment status to support staffs during home visits in case of billing discrepancies.
  • Helps door - to - door customer acquisition team to quickly on-board the customer by capturing their details , accept payments , issue invoice on the spot and issue service immediately or start the provisioning of service.
  • Helps Collection Personnel on field to immediately request for service activation/ de-activation in case for payments received or non payments .
  • Set of comprehensive reports which helps the Purchase Manager understand the Inventory and Stock Status at any given point of time.
  • Ability to track and manage each and every product which has gone in and out of the system which allows revenue leakages in check.
  • Instant Alerts to Service Engineers in case of area specific service outage / allocation of ticket for Network Maintenance.
  • This tool is improvises services delivery and increases customer satisfaction as well as helps your in-house marketing team to cross and up sell products and services.

Communication Management

Communication Management module helps the operator to control interaction with the customers , delivery teams and franchisees . It helps you design personalised customer messages and apply business rules to messaging context , delivering communication through physical and digital channels.

  • Alerting Service Delivery Teams & Franchisee's on mass outages
  • Ease in running promotional campaigns and offers .
  • Web , Mobile & SMS Alerts to customers on downtime , renewals .
  • More control over communication sent to customers through integrated Rule Based SMS System.
  • Ability to send request for upgrades , downgrades in plans or packages from mobile .

Network Monitoring

The Network Monitoring Tool enables the NOC ( Network Operating Center) of the Service Provider to easily monitor the performance , up and downtime of various equipment's in the network.

  • NAS , POP , Switch Monitoring
  • Mass Outage Monitoring
  • LIVE Logs
  • Easy to understand Device Performance Graphs

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