Gym Management Software

ICONGYM management software enables complete control over the members in the GYM and can Save time and money with a cost-effective.

ICONGYM software is integrated with advanced features and customized solutions for Gym & Fitness Center with membership management. Create custom membership plans, allocate resource as per plan and time scheduling with trainer availability with automating scheduling and also track the total payments weekly and monthly as customized dashboards with rich graphs and text reports simplifies your day by automating time consuming tasks of admin Users along with customized roles & privileges.

Automate the member's diet plans and DUE notification through SMS.Keeping track of your sales, inventory and staff performance reporting that is easy to use, highly customizable.

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Membership Management

Create customized membership plans, manage contracts and renewals, track active members and automate the collection of membership dues auto notification to mobile.Complete details about the member's profile, plan, diet, assigned trainer and billing details memberships and service credit packages, right up to drop-ins,calendar view ensures your team stays up to date.

GYM Members Billing Management

Our powerful tools allow you to easily view member contracts and billing information. You can track the status of your members, their payment schedules and payment history, follow up mailings, emails or phone calls. It also allows you the option of sending your members for collections if they crossed due date.

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GYM Staff Management

Our application allows admin users along with customized roles & privilege to the staff with customizable dashboards set up different types of commission-based arrangements to motivate and track sales staff output. Manage your employee time clock based payroll with our integrated employee check-in tool.

Member Retention

Insight tracks all your member's activity within your club which alerts you of which members are at risk of dropping their membership or renew their personal training sessions, and member's accounts may need some personalized attention. It also automates daily tasks to your staff to make member past-due SMS.

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Customer & Lead Management

Gathers all of your sales and lead management into one place. This provides you complete visibility in terms of conversions, specific sales campaigns, and overall trends, and provides your sales team with valuable data. You can notify leads of individual promotions .

Tracking your inventory

Our gym management software can auto update the inventory in real time with which you can quickly manage track inventory, service sales, and other goods. With My POS, all business sales and service transactions, commission tracking, and inventory organization are easy, fast and efficient.

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Icongym management software enables you create and save your own customized reports or automated generated reports to stay informed about how your business managing members at your fitness center, with analytics. It provides accurate and comprehensive reports that help run business.