Bulk SMS Service Providers

ICONMSG is the leading Bulk SMS service provider since 11 years all over india the application user friendly and we have provided robust business grade SMS services around 200,000 users, hosted in the india Our range of business SMS services gives you complete control whether you need to send a one off message or a large campaign, run a survey or simply.

The campaigning has taken an innovative steps in reaching audience with Bulk SMS and text messaging. Which has been contributing a great scope for reaching audience.ICONMSG software includes Transcription, Business schedule sms, Dynamic sms, Business promotion sms.

The ICONMSG use a simple and effective way of bulk SMS services within the targeted time. Simply by uploading the file to the receptionist list, Bulk SMS services can be performed in SMS marketing by IconMsg. Setting an SMS SERVICE can also perform over a period of time or at a different time accordingly.ICONMSG software allows to Check the delivery status, reply to the bulk SMS in the campaign is also included in Business text messaging provided by Bulk SMS solution is easy to use, simple and powerful from ICONMSG technology which makes the business SMS service to reach audience.

Bulk SMS

Dynamic SMS

The best ever Dynamic Service Providers All over India provides to send transparent messages to the users/selected group of users as per their requirement.It works with MS-EXCEL upload & MS-EXCEL Plugin.Sending message to specific group of users is beakbreaker through the channels where your content for every user is different, the job becomes even difficult. With effective & Efficient way of Dynamic SMS service now You can send messages throughout India.

Business promotion SMS

Reaching the audience through bulk SMS marketing is never been easy for business promotion, Bulk SMS makes clients to know about promotional activities such as update events promo codes open discount codes from the company.

Bulk SMS Marketing
Business SMS

Group SMS:

With registration on the website, the client can send multiple group messages through Iconwave Bulk SMS services.

Business Schedule SMS

Business text messaging and scheduling the text messages to the client has been never been easy but through our technology, business can reach their audience at schedule time.

SMS Marketing
Business text messaging

API services for the website:

The advantage of API services provided by icon message application helps to manage bulk SMS services by providing high convenience level with minimum delay and integration it also facilities customization with bulk SMS services at best price.

Business delivery reports:

Our application provides an end-to-end connection with customer ensuring to provide bulk SMS services accurately. Ensuring security with fast delivery within the shortest route within a country which makes Icon messaging application the best SMS service in India.

Bulk SMS services
Bulk SMS services in india

Dedicated long code SMS services:

Services including polling promotional offers voting services with one or multiple crm account management bulk SMS services at reasonable prices are available by ICONMSG. In addition real-time editing, forwarding URL, customization messages. The advantage of using dedicated long cord services include under undistracted two-way messaging with customers.

Customer user friendly APPLICATION

Iconwave Application is available in App Store for Android and IOS for Iphone users. The facilities also include all the features like isp billing services and products, subscriber management, network management, open service management.