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Banking and Financial Institutions have to provide and manage internet connectivity to hundred's and thousand's of employee's across multiple branches and cities . Besides Wi-Fi connectivity to walk in users and guests have become a norm .

Keeping in mind of the high demand of internet services and varied speed management among staffs , senior management and guests, it is imperative that the Bank's IT & Network Management Team ensures that they are able to manage & monitor its users with respect to speed , capacity and location .

From the perspective of monetization , the IT Team and Network Managers look for a system which can give them option to cross and upsell their products for walk-in customers at branches , head office and other bank locations while they use the WiFi connectivity across bank locations.

Our Solutions

Providing Best Business Solution For Growing Your Business

IconWave with its solution specially designed for BFSI industry which helps Banks & Financial Institutions to plan and manage the internet connectivity for in house and guests users across different user segments and multiple locations. It provides a highly scalable and secure cloud based & in-premise solution platform that manages high speed internet access through wired or wireless connectivity , allows fair distribution of bandwidth , track usages for compliances etc.

Network Monitoring
Customer Management
Branch Management.
Compliance Management
Business Analytics

Key Features

   Bandwidth Management & Control

Control bandwidth usage by analysing the subscriber base and the amount of data usage per user branch , department or guest users in multiple offices.

   Easy Monitoring

Providing real time view of internet bandwidth allows to modify bandwidth settings for users while is use thereby making changes instantly as and when required. By adding devices and routers to the monitoring tool gives alert during downtime of devices.

   Customised Branding for Wi-Fi Guest Users

To Compliment your brand, we design a UI which seamlessly matches to your marketing theme. Customised landing page will be seen by user every time they login for Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to use it for cross & Up Selling your products and many more services.

   Business Analytics

Advanced analytical reports for better operational visibility, management and future planning.

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